I am honored that your heart brought you here, to this page, connecting with me. I can't wait to hear more about your love and your special day! Don't leave out any of the good stuff!

Let's first connect on here - to dance together later!

A friend and photographer for life 

Print shop right inside your gallery 

High resolution digital wedding gallery

Up to 10 hours of wedding photo services 

Wedding timeline assistance  

Built in hype girl for your engagement session and wedding day 


Let''s Connect!

Do you have a second shooter?


Please keep a look out for updates on the Savage Photo Associate Team! For the time being, I am a one woman show! If a second shooter is insisted upon, we can discuss options further! 

Do we get the raw files of our photos? 

No. You have invested in me not only for my photography and connection, but for my editing expertise and style! This style will remain true on your photos. Do not fret, your wedding gallery will include EVERY photo from the wedding day that is not, blurry, under/over exposed/a duplicate/eyes closed etc. Every photo that has pieced together the love story of your day, will be there. 

What if you are unable to make it on wedding day?

I will do just about anything in my power to be there on your wedding day! If I am truly unable to make it, I have an amazing network and relationship with plenty of local photographers I could contact. 

Do we get copyright? 

This is a common question, typically, with not the best clarity. I remain the owner of the copyright. Copyright is the right to copy. This means that the original creators of products and anyone they give authorization to are the only ones with the exclusive right to reproduce the work. I am the creator- thereforeI keep the copyright. HOWEVER, you do get printing rights and a print shop right within your wedding gallery.

What if Savage Photo is not in our photo budget?

For the time being, rates are locked in for the year! Please continue to look our for updates on the Savage Photo Associate Team where there will be packages starting at new, lower rates! 

Can we bring our pup to the engagement session? 

YUP! If he/she is a lil crazy, please bring a friend to take him/her after our shots! 

Can you help us with what to wear for the engagement session? 

Totally! I can help out by the things I have seen/learned along the way. The rest is all Pinterest babyy!