Vibes Guide



One of the biggest honors after being behind the camera with one of your new couples is getting messages after your session about how comfortable they felt, how they loved hanging out with you, how “he legit could not stop talking about how fun it was.”

If these messages don’t make us feel so validated and humbled in our art, I don’t know what does. 

It was with these texts, emails and DM’s that the Vibes Guide was created.

Vibes guide

Tackling breaking down the walls of uncomfortability and walking couples through the ideation to planning phase of their session. The Vibes Guide gives your clients the easiest opportunity to set themselves for not only a seamless and stress free session, but a core memory that they actually loved every minute of.

The Vibes Guide not only makes your couples feel comfortable in their photo session, but confident in you, the artist they chose to trust with it. 

Let’s get them excited to put in the time and love to plan their session into a memory they will never forget.

$40 USD

A fully customizable canva template:

guide to easing your clients into their best selves for their session.


"Sophia was extremely personable and made us feel absolutely comfortable during our engagement session. I had a vision and she ran with it and made it even better than I imagined! We LOVE our engagement photos so much and CANNOT wait to see what she can do with our wedding!"


"My fiance and I recently had Sophia take our engagement photos for us. From start to finish, she made the WHOLE process so easy and fun. We had our shoot on a Sunday and the next day, we had them!!! Not only was she crazy fast with returning them, but there is not one single photo that I am not absolutely in love and obsessed with."


"Sophia loves her work, and it shows in the love poured into each photo. I am glad to say my daughter’s wedding photos, and later my son’s wedding photos were beautiful. Sophie helped us create memories. And I am thankful for that."


"Sophia is absolutely amazing! She is so talented. She did our engagement photos, and will be doing our wedding photos as well! She makes you feel so comfortable during your shoot and makes it a lot of fun! I will continue to recommend her to everybody!"


"Sophia's attention to detail is incredible, and her willingness to go above and beyond was so special. Whatever your photography needs are, Sophia will make them happen."

Love & Mentions